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Switching from Propane to a Natural Gas BBQ

You are BBQing a lot more and the old propane BBQ no longer meets your needs. So, you’ve decided that you want to convert to natural gas. First there are a few things to consider.

Buying a Natural Gas BBQ

You will be told the unit is dual fuel, that is, it can use both propane as well as natural gas. It will even say on the label, ‘for natural gas.’ However, most of the time, the BBQ comes fitted for propane. What they may neglect to tell you is that you will have to convert this unit to use natural gas.

You will have to purchase the conversion kit separately and have it installed. This can get complicated. There have been cases where the customer purchased the BBQ from a big box store, but was left with the responsibility of ordering the conversion kit from another country, which is no fun for any customer.

Buy Local

If you are a serious BBQer, and want to minimise future hassles, buy North American brand names. That way, parts like burners and switches are available on relatively short notice.

You will need a licensed gas technician to do the installation. They should follow the safety instructions associated with the installations, for example, the installation of a shut off valve and the placement of the BBQ unit must be a specific minimum distance from a window. Owen’s Home Appliance Repair is familiar with converting propane to natural gas BBQs and can help you! Call today for your free estimate.

Be safe out there. That’s only natural.

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