"Which Appliance Should I Buy?" & Other Tips

I am asked this question very often. The answer used to be simple – now not so much.

But here are some general comments.

  1. Keep it simple . The more complex the electronic options, the more likely you will be calling for service within two years.
  2. Stay with names you know and trust. These would be the North American made/owned companies like Maytag, Kitchen Aid®, Whirlpool, GE and Hot Point. Be aware that some of these brands are now owned by one company and the appliances are not that much different on the inside.
  3. LG has some of the most seductive looking appliances on the market. However, when you buy LG products, know that you cannot choose your own service provider. You will have to use LG’s technicians and pay their prices for parts and labour. That is their policy. This can be an expensive choice as well as an inconvenience for you, the customer.
  4. Samsung is not a North American company. It's difficult to get a solution to fix their appliances. They are slow to find solutions to reported faults in their appliances. However, generally they do not have bad products. Service men don't like them because there are little or no training available to us servicers.
  5. Kenmore . This is an umbrella brand name. This label “Kenmore” can be found on products made by most of the North American companies listed above.

Service Warranties
Take your own time to read or question the contracts. They are not all the same. If you are buying the high end appliances, then I believe you must buy the service warranty. Unfortunately, the most expensive appliances break easier than the lower end ones. They are engineered with more weak spots.

For myself, I don’t buy the service warranty with basic appliance if I get a one year manufacturer’s warranty. If you have a competent appliance technician, this would also weigh against buying the service warranty on low-end appliances.

Watch for sneaky service men who do not want to do the service work and try to get you to buy new. They might even be on commission to sell new. I have seen more than one instance where the warranty was void after “x” number of years or “parts no longer available.” So, always question those “extended warranties”. Why would you pay for extended warranties when parts are no longer available or take 4 weeks to come from Germany.

Other Tips When Buying New Appliances
You are paying big bucks, so do it right.
  1. Have the supplier agree to take away the old appliance or at least take it to the curb for pick-up. You already know that the old appliance will be picked up the same day by the ‘scrap metal people.’ You don’t even have to notify the city. Just make sure the appliance is child safe while on the curb.
  2. Do price shop and use those prices to leverage a better price from the prospective supplier.
  3. Ask if the delivery guy could at least open the crate to check for damages.
  4. If you uninstall the old appliance in advance, it's more likely that the delivery people will take it away or to the curb for you.
  5. Gas appliances should be handled by a certified technician. Not by your nephew the engineering student or a friendly neighbour. If you uninstall a gas appliance, make sure to cap off the line while waiting for the new appliance to arrive.

Hope I gave you at least one nugget of a tip to save you some money and potential headaches. Best wishes, Owen.