Major Tips for Appliance Safety

Having trouble with an appliance? Owen Shaw, owner of Owen’s Home Appliance Repair, has a few important appliance safety tips to share with you.

Gas Odour from Gas Stoves

Have you noticed a gas smell coming from your gas stove? I have fixed many gas stoves myself. They are very safe appliances. The problems, I have found, arise when my customers ignore this warning sign and just assume the smell will go away. I have chosen this video to explain what is occurring in this case and why it should never be ignored.

Fault Codes for Appliances with Digital Display
Homeowners, if you have an appliance less than 10 years old with an electronic control board, you will one day have an appliance problem, and the appliance console will show an alpha/numeric fault code. These fault codes are there to give you an idea of the problem with your appliance:

  • Fault codes are usually preceded by the letter E, F or EF, then a number like F 3, F 50, E 09, etc.
  • Google the code using the make and model number of your appliance, or give this code to the service technician.
This video explains.

Refrigerator Not Cooling
This is the most common complaint I get for refrigerators. In most cases, there is nothing the homeowner can do to fix the problem except in simple cases where:

  • The freezer is packed very solidly
  • The air vents into the freezer are blocked for whatever reason
Otherwise, you will need to call for service. I have chosen this video for you as an overview.

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